Catch errors before others notice them

SiteInspector is a free, open-source tool that helps to find spelling errors, grammatical errors, and broken links on websites.

Easy setup

Deploy SiteInspector and start scanning your websites in less than 5 minutes. Upgrade to a newer version with a single command.

Free and open-source

SiteInspector is using an open-source license which allows modifications and forks so anyone can collaborate to enhance the tool.

Community support

You won't be left alone - SiteInspector developers are happy to help answering to any questions on Github.

Scan multiple websites

SiteInspector is extremely useful for digital agencies to make sure that every project they present to the clients is error-free.

SEO agencies can share individual SiteInspector website reports with their clients to have them fix the errors.

Tech companies can use SiteInspector to periodically scan their websites to make sure that their customers won't be distracted by errors.

Create custom rule checks

Use string pattern or regexp to check if pages on your website contain important text or HTML nodes.

Also, make sure that your pages do not contain any unwanted text like 'Lorem impus'.

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